SATIVA, Desenvolvimento Rural, Lda., founded in 1994, is an inspection and certification body for products and systems with procedures and a structure that ensures impartiality and objectivity.

Initially founded for certification in organic production, SATIVA certifies today various other schemes such as GLOBALG.A.P. and BRC. 
Nowadays, organic production is still our main certification program and driving force, with around 50% of the Portuguese operators, but SATIVA can also offer certifications for several other standards which provide operators a practical and efficient all in one solution.

SATIVA has a team of experienced technicians with high level  academic skills and expertise that is able to inspect to the diverse certification programs that SATIVA is dealing with.

Besides Portuguese, English, Italian, French and Spanish are also working languages.

SATIVA is presently working in Portugal, Italy, Spain and Mozambique and occasionally in other countries. To learn more about SATIVA, please visit 

Accredited / Approved for

  1. European regulation for organic farming – Reg. (EC) 834/2007
  2. Brazilean Organic Law
  3. Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication products (PDO, PGI)
  4. BRC – British Retailer Consortium – Global standard for food safety (categories 5, 6, 7, 11, 13, 15 and 18)
  5. GLOBALG.A.P. standards (fruit and vegetables, flowers and ornamentals and plant propagation material) and GRASP (GLOBALG.A.P. risk assessment on social practice)
  6. Food safety management systems certification – ISO 22000:2005
  7. PEFC Standard – Sustainable Forest Management
  8. Integrated Crop Management - ICM

Alliance Members