In 1997, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania and the Ministry of Health founded the public institution EKOAGROS as specialized certification body in order to meet the requirements set for organic production in Lithuania.

Since 2000, EKOAGROS, on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania, has been authorized to carry out inspection and certification activities in Lithuania.

So far, EKOAGROS is the only certification body in Lithuania that can provide certification services for organic production.

Inspection and Certification in Lithuania

EKOAGROS inspects and certifies about 3.000 farms, food and feed processing units, wholesalers and retailers, importers. It has more than 60 employees, the main office in Kaunas and two regional offices in Telsiai and Utena. The main standard that public institution certifies is organic farming (current code LT-EKO-001). Beside this standard EKOAGROS inspects and certifies quality products according to the Lithuanian national quality scheme (NKP).

EKOAGROS has been successfully working in the sector of certification of organic production for a long time already. Long-term experience of EKOAGROS employees, existing accreditation and ability to communicate in Russian language enable to provide an expert services to third countries as well.


EKOAGROS since 2005 is accredited by the National Accreditation Bureau under the Ministry of Environment in compliance with the LST EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 to certify primary production processes of organic plant production, livestock production, beekeeping, wild plant production aquaculture as well as handling and distribution processes of organic agricultural products and primary production and handling processes of exceptional quality agricultural products.

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To learn more about EKOAGROS, please visit our website www.ekoagros.lt 

Accredited/Approved for

  1. European Union - Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 on organic farming

Inspection/Verification Body for

  1. Biopark Standards
  2. Bio Suisse Standards
  3. Bioland Standards
  4. Demeter Standards
  5. Naturland Standards
  6. USDA NOP Standards
  7. KRAV Standards
  8. GOTS Standards (nonfood, textile sector)
  9. NATRUE Standards (nonfood, cosmetics sector)

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