AGRO BIO TEST is a long-time experienced Polish certification body, conducting independent inspections in organic production since 1997. It originated from EKOLAND (Association of Organic Producers in Poland, 1989). Due to the fact that international standards stipulate that inspection related activities should be performed by a third party, it was decided to split off the certifying unit. It was registered in 1996 under the name AGRO BIO TEST.

The inspections and certifications conducted by AGRO BIO TEST were designed in accordance with the requirements of the European Regulation on organic agriculture. This facilitated the certification body adaptation to the relevant rules and norms in 2004, when Poland became an EU member. Currently the  Regulation (WE) No 834/2007 and its implementing rules serve as the legal basis for AGRO BIO TEST organic certification program.

AGRO BIO TEST implemented a quality management system in 2002 (against the requirements of ISO 65) and received the relevant accreditation (AC 096) as well as ministry approval to perform certifications in organic food production chain (current code: PL-EKO-07).

In 2010 AGRO BIO TEST certified over 3300 organic farms and approximately 100 processors and handlers. Our team consists of 10 staff members and around 60 contractual inspectors.

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Accredited/Approved for

  1. European Union - Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 on organic farming

Inspection/Verification Body for

  1. Bioland Standards
  2. Bio Suisse Standards
  3. Demeter Standards
  4. EKOLAND Standards (Polish Organic Farmers Ass.)
  5. GÄA Standards
  6. Naturland Standards

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