Kontrollservice BIKO Tirol (BIKO)

BIKO homepage: www.biko.at

Kontrollservice BIKO Tirol was founded in 1994 to ensure a reliable and independent regional certification of the fast growing number of Tyrolean organic farmers.

Since its foundation BIKO has extended its services extensively. Besides the certification of organic farming, BIKO is a non-profit service provider for many other inspections in the food and feed production.

Kontrollservice BIKO Tirol (BIKO)

Inspection and Certification in Austria, South Tyrol/Italy and Germany

BIKO inspects and certifies about 3.500 farmers, food and feed processors, wholesalers and importers. The main standards we certify are organic farming and GMO free food and feed production. Beside these standards we inspect products of protected designation of origin and geographical indications as well as several quality and marketing programs.

It is important for us that our staff and the auditors have practical knowledge in the area they are inspecting. The motivated staff and the highly experienced and trained auditors guarantee inspections and certifications on the highest quality level. Our clients and the consumers trust the competent and independent certification program of BIKO.


BIKO is accredited for organic farming since 1999 by the Ministery of Economics in compliance with the EN 45011/ISO 65. For several other standards like protected designation of origin and geographical indication BIKO is in the process of accreditation.

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To learn more about BIKO, please visit our website www.biko.at

Accredited/Approved for

  1. European Union - Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 on organic farming
  2. Codex Alimentarius Austriacus: Organic Food, Chapter A8
  3. GMO free Food and Feed production (Codex Alimentarius Austriacus)
  4. Pastus+ (Good manufacturing/managing practice + HACCP for animal feed)

Inspection/Verification Body for

  1. BIO AUSTRIA Standards
  2. Demeter Standards
  3. GÄA Standards
  4. Agricultural production and food processing according to the requirements  of the Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GmbH
  5. Consortium GMO-free
  6. Protected designation of origin and geographical indication (PDO, PGI)
  7. Integrated pest management
  8. Classification of potatoes
  9. Classification of rural tourism offers on farms

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